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MBN Nanomaterialia SpA

MBN Nanomaterialia is a manufacturer of high-tech metal powders.
MBN is an advanced materials company specialized in the production of nanostructured powder through the proprietary mechano-chemical Mechanomade® process. Mechanomade® materials have an ultrafine crystalline structure which delivers unique physical and mechanical properties resulting in superior performance compared to existing alloys.
The company has been operating worldwide in the market of diamond tools since more than 20 years, focused on the production of pre-alloyed metal powders without using hazardous elements (i.e. without Cobalt) but developing alternative and highly engineered formulations based on metal matrixes composite with elements such as Iron and Copper.

Today the company can offer:
• a wide range of powder products for diamond tools for stone, ceramic and concrete processing;
• the possibility to develop and manufacture customized materials in close synergy with customers.
• a precise and reliable technical assistance service having access to an highly specialized testing and analysis laboratory;

The product lines have been designed and manufactured in order to give flexibility of usage, application and, at the same time, improved performance in terms of durability, diamond retention and cutting ability.

MBN powders can provide solutions for customers’ products in terms of:
- environmental friendly chemistry;
- Cobalt and Nickel free compositions;
- Materials able to sinter at lower temperatures (related to their nominal composition);
- Self-brazing products, that are able to self-attach to the backing pin during the heat treatment, allowing the production of diamond beads just in one step.

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Manufacturers of machinery, complete plants, tools and complementary products