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Our company is located in Carrara, most famous “marble city” in the world thanks to its ancient white marble quarries and where you will be always most welcome in future.

Nowadays we design and manufacture the following marble and granite working machines:

• Single-wire sizing machines to make rough blocks on marble and granite quarry sites.

• Stationary and mobile single-wire saws for 4-sides block squaring and production of slabs of big thickness.

• Stationary profiling single-wire saws from 3 up to 6 real controlled axis for the production of any kind of linear, cylindrical and conical profiles (logos, tombstones, columns, twisted columns, ornamental pieces, etc.).

• 80 & 100-blades gang-saws for marble/limestone (block lifting type) with block-holding trolleys and motorized transfer table, to cut the blocks into slabs.

• Block tilting devices.
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