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ABRASIVI ADRIA is an Italian company that produces since 1981 abrasives and many items for the processing of granite, marble, stone and onyx.
Over the years we have assembled an international team of highly skilled in-house trained engineers who operate on the main worldwide markets.
We owe our success to the constant research of the best raw materials to involve into our manufacturing process: this allows us to be strong for quality and price.

Our range of products includes:
- traditional abrasives;
- diamond metal bond tools;
- diamond resin bond abrasives for marble, granite and quartz-based engineered stone;
- diamond resin bond abrasives for edge polishing.

Our chemical laboratories are engaged in ongoing research and are constantly striving to provide innovative solutions. In this regard we can offer:
- Epoxy Systems for slab-resining;
- Epoxy reinforcing treatments to strengthen blocks for sawing;
- Mastics for gluing and plastering (both by hand and through industrial plants);
- Sealers (protecting, impregnating and enhancing products);

Over the last ten years our Company has developed KEDIL, a parallel production line of material for the building industry, to give full service to the ever-increasing needs of its customers.
Its range of products comprehends glues for the laying of all kinds of floorings and the wall-cladding of all kinds of tiles (marble, granite, engineered stone, porcelain grès, ceramic and so on).
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