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A.G.V. Marmi e graniti srl
Company detail

ABRASIVI ADRIA is an Italian company that produces since 1981 abrasives and many items for the processing of granite, marble, stone and onyx.
Over the years we have assembled an international team of highly skilled in-house trained engineers who operate on the main worldwide markets.
We owe our success to the constant research of the best raw materials to involve into our manufacturing process: this allows us to be strong for quality and price.

Abrasives, polishing products, adhesives and protective products
Diamond and traditional tools
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We manufacture a complete range of equipment and machinery for the stone working. Come find out our products for marble and granite cutting, grinding and polishing: from our traditional floor grinders for marble and granite to our portable job site bench saws for stone and building materials, up to our bridge saws for cutting slabs and creating kitchen tops. All Achilli products are featured by consolidated quality, sturdiness and durability.

Machines, installations and equipment
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Antolini Luigi & C. Spa

Antolini è leader nella produzione della pietra naturale e avanguardia assoluta del settore. La mission dell’azienda – fondata da Luigi Antolini nel 1956 e oggi attiva a livello mondiale – è proporre un’ampia selezione di materiali che si contraddistinguono per colori, finiture e motivi unici.
Tra le oltre mille pietre naturali prodotte da Antolini, la Exclusive Stone Collection rappresenta il costante impegno dell’azienda verso i propri clienti e la dedizione nel portare alla luce materiali straordinari.

Natural stones
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ARTE 2000 S.R.L.

Arte 2000 is an Italian Marble Workshop.
We work with marble since 1988.
We make:

- Interior Locations

- Exterior Design

- Sculptures

- Decorative Elements

- Restauration

- Statue Reproduction and Ancient Works Copies

We support customers from the planning phase.
Every work is custom made according to different tastes, the marble that's chosen, the environment and the final destination.
According with the client we can also manage the exportation,assembly and installation.

Natural stones
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ABACO slab lifter

Safe and compact design will help solve problems where head room is an issue. Ideal for the easy extraction from tight piles of slabs.

Product detail

Motorized bench saw for stone and ceramic slabs

Product detail

Bench saw with manual head feed by hand crank

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Aggloceppo® is our exclusive engineered stone. It's made by reusing by-products of stone production and Ceppo di Gré™ processing.

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MBN Nanomaterialia SpA
Italia - Veneto
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Sturdy and accurate saw, suitable for straight and tilted cutting of bricks, tiles, concrete and natural stone. Aluminum structure to facilitate transportation and maximize resistance to rust and corrosion.

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Portable tile saw with sliding head

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Portable bench saw for stone slabs

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Antiqued Pozzo

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This technique is suitable both for indoor and outdoor uses, with random length and different thicknesses.

Questa tecnica è adatta sia per usi interni che esterni , con posa in opera a correre e con spessori diversi.

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Aqua waterjet

Aqua is a modern, versatile and high-performance abrasive waterjet cnc.

Denver spa
Repubblica di San Marino
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