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Gaspari Menotti Technologies S.r.l. con unico socio

Gaspari Menotti is an Italian Company that has been founded in 1956 in Carrara and still has its headquarter and facilities in that area, known as the world center for marble and granite quarrying and processing. The tradition and progress here has always produced the most advanced technology in...

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Machines, installations and equipment
GMW 01 SINGLE and DOUBLE WIRE machines

Our single wire machine is the right solution for
squaring marble and granite blocks and for cutting
thicknesses. The wire is rotated by means of four

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MIRROR Series, Polishing machines for marble, granite and agglomerate quartz

Polishing machine MIRROR Series
Mirror slabs polishing machine, available in marble, granite and quartz versions, represents the vanguard in its category thanks to a solid and compact structure. The...

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Multiblade marble gang-saws GDS Series

Marble gang-saw DGS Series
It is the classic gang-saw with the block that goes up, available in two models: DGS 2000 80 blades at 20mm thickness (useful cut 2000mm) and DGS 2500 100 blades (useful...

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Multiwire machine GMW Series

The GMW multiwire machine range represents the excellence in granite and marble blocks sawing thanks to its heavy structure vibrations free and to a geometry which allows to obtain...

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Multiwire machine SMARTWIRE GMW 06

Multiwire machine SMARTWIRE GMW 06
It is the most flexible among the GMW Series multiwire machines, which keeps intact the philosophy of reliability and robustness typical of Gaspari Menotti brand....

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