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Since 1974, Specialinsert® has been the synonym for fastening systems. Special and catalogue inserts for sheet metal, solid bodies, plastic materials and composites that have established themselves in the international market thanks to innovation, customization and state-of-the-art technologies and services.
Our vision? To provide the most innovative fastening systems, in every sector and for every use.

-Our products-
Specialinsert® is able to offer a wide range of mechanical fastening solutions, also customized according to customer needs, suitable for various application sectors: tubular sheet metal, mechanical and plastic components, wood, stone and marble,new composite materials and innovative materials such as solid surface, the latter being particularly suitable for applications on furniture or buildings.
Specialinsert® inserts are ideal for many applications and sectors such as: automotive, railway, nautical, aerospace, means of transport, earth-moving equipment, motors, industry, machine tools, electronics and electromechanics, household appliances, furniture and furnishings, interiors, construction.

-Innovation and Industry 4.0-
For Specialinsert®, innovation means a constant search for excellence and the development of innovative fastening systems for a constantly evolving market and, in this regard, we cooperate with the most prestigious Italian and European universities.
The Research & Development department represents the heart of the company, where the design and realization of the products takes place. The process of developing fastening solutions is carried out entirely in-house, based on the company’s experience and know-how and on the availability of state-of-the-art machinery for testing, measuring and 3D prototyping.
Innovation at Specialinsert® concerns every company process. Our production site is digitized, in an ‘Industry 4.0’ view, with logistics (automated vertical warehouses, Put-To-Light stations) and new generation production machines integrated with the company management system.

The 5,500 square meter production plant is located in Maerne di Martellago in the province of Venice; it is provided with:
• Tapping production lines
• Automated logistics, integrated with the company database
• Workshop and tooling for equipment manufacturing and maintenance
• Test laboratories with traditional, optical and laser scanning measuring instruments

Specialinsert® also pursues the objective of checking 100% of production according to a “Zero Defects” logic. Through the purchase of the latest generation of machinery, also customized, the company aims to drastically reduce waste and costs, guaranteeing continuous improvement.

-Sales + technical assistance and sales network-
Customized assistance to the customer in the phases of choosing the most suitable fastening system for each specific need, purchase and aftersales is one of the pillars of Specialinsert’s success.
Two are the distinctive elements of this added value of the company:
1. A network of technical-salesmen present on the territory, in Italy and abroad
2. Three Sales Departments and one Export Department that guarantee a direct and constant presence at local level - we export our products to over 82 countries in 5 continents
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